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The Bulletproof FR-S Concept One redefines the lightweight Scion FR-S as what it could potentially be as a super car. While maintaining the inherent light weight and balance of the FR-S, Bulletproof automotive set out to give the car a massive boost in power, while outfitting the interior with an array of exotic materials.



Under the hood, the Bullerproof FR-S is powered by a Powerhouse Amuse Turbo Kit with a Borg Warner turbo, that exhales through a titanium downpipe, front pipe, and full exhaust system, also from Powerhouse Amuse. An Ecutek Race Rom has the car tuned for E85 as well as 91 Octane, while the internals have been strengthened by way of upgraded pistons, rods, and ACL bearings.



Interior materials include a full alcantara conversion colored in a vibrant shade of red, as well as a custom steering wheel, carbon fiber materials, and race seats from Recaro. An 8 point roll cage compliments front and rear strut tower bars, all by Cusco, while an Original Runduce Racing Suspension keeps the car ready for the track.

The Bulletproof Automotive Scion FR-S uses the Varis Version III widebody kit.